I found this key on Ebay,in Ukraine.

They are brand new keys,built for the former Soviet army,never used,still in the original box ( in one word: surplus)

It's a very sturdy key,built the old Soviet way,no frills but very functional.

In the lower compartment there are some LC filters,required to filter the spurious RF generated by the old Soviet radio sets.

It's attached to a metal plate,that can be used to screw it to a support,in order to avoid movements of the key during operation,but I preferred to modify it,to better suit my needs.

I cut an iron block,1 cm thick,and bolted it on the existing plate with some inox bolts.

A 4mm rubber sheet was later glued on the other side of the iron plate.

The key is provided with screw terminals for the connection to the transmitter,but I've used a different system to connect it to a cable:

I've installed an RCA socket on a small scrap piece of L shaped aluminum,and run two wires from the screw terminals on the key to the RCA socket.

With these simple mods,the key is very stable now,and the RCA connector allows me to unplug it when not used,avoiding the usual cables mess.






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