download the TURNER+3B schematic




I found this microphone on Ebay,the owner was selling it for peanuts,due to its conditions:

someone painted it in black with a brush,and the electronic circuit was showing clear signs of previous "experimentations",judging by the different types of wires used for the connections and the vinyl tape and the fluo green (....??!! ) scotch tape who were used to isolate some connections.

The restoration process was carried out without any problem:

The microphone was completely stripped,labelling each screw in order to make the riassembly process "nice'n'easy".

The old paint was stripped,leaving the bare metal exposed.

Two hands of primer and three hands of black matte paint were sprayed.

The rubber foots at the bottom of the mic were damaged,so they've been replaced with 4 new foots.

The electronic restoration:

All the old wires were removed and replaced with new wiring.

Needless to say that the schematic,downloaded from the web,came very handy when it was time to make the new connections.

The old volume control pot was replaced with a new one,of the right value.

The last touch:

While I was stripping the old paint,I found that the original nameplate was still there,reusable but partially damaged,so I decided to make a new one,that was later glued in place of the original.

This is how the microphone looks now










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