Another excellent kit from Small Wonder Labs   (www.smallwonderlabs.com)

The PSK20 is a 20m transceiver,optimized for the PSK31 operation.

The working frequency is 14.070 MHz,the main frequency for PSK31 on the 20 m band.

As usual,this kit meet the high quality standards of all the SWL products:

detailed and exhaustive documentation,

high quality PCB,

1st choice components

Building a PSK20 doesn't require any particular skills,just take your time,do not rush,check and ........re-check the position of each component before you solder it,to avoid surprises at the end.

The calibration is very simple,you will need an HF rig and a multimeter.

With 4 W only I've made several DX,most of them where "solid copy",not bad for a 100 euro homebuilt rig.







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