I took the following pictures back in 2005,when I was in Trinidad e Tobago.

Along the highway from the Piarco International Airport to San Fernando,few kilometers from each other,there are the two sites of Radio Trinidad 730 and 610 Radio.

Radio Trinidad is still on the air,with a 20 KW transmitter.It's the oldest radio station in Trinidad and Tobago. It started broadcasting in 1947 at 11 Maraval Road in Port of Spain on the frequency 730 KHz AM.It had programs like soap operas, news, and passing parade.In 1976 the station 95 FM was introduced.The frequency 730 KHz AM is now a station playing inspirational music and having other church and religious programmes.

610 Radio was launched in 1957,by the Trinidad and Tobago National Broadcasting Service (NBS).The transmitter power was 50 KW .It was known as Radio Guardian.It was a general station until the 1990's when it switched to Indian programming. The stations had a distinct chime to signal the news time and etc. In 1972 NBS launched the first FM station 100 in Trinidad and Tobago. During the 1990 coup radio 610 was the emergency radio station. Soon after more stations like 98.9 Fm was launched. About 1994 NBS was merged with Trinidad and Tobago Television to become National Broadcasting Network until its closure in January 15, 2005 which marked the end of an era. That means Radio Trinidad is the only AM station left in the country. The company was state owned.



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details of the power cable to the antenna,where it comes out of the building

the power cable on its way to the antenna

another section of the power cable on its way to the antenna



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