FEBRUARY 7,2008 UPDATE: improved relays card




This useful remote antenna switch is the result of the cooperation with Talino IZ7ATH:

Here is the link to his site

Some time ago he gave me the relays card he'd assembled (shown in the next page).

I've designed and assembled a simple control box,with an LED display,with a visual indication of the selected antenna.

The circuit is a diodes array,who will drive the display according to the position of the rotary switch.

Any LED display can be used,as long as the diodes array will be matched with the pinout of the display.

Shown in the pictures,but not in the schematic,a small regulated power supply,made with a 220/18 V transformer,4 diodes,a voltage regulator 7812,and a filtering capacitor.

I opted for an on-board power supply,but any external 12 V DC power source can be used.

In this case,the circuit will be the one shown in the schematic.

As shown in the schematic,the position 5 is the only one who will keep all the relays de-energized.

I would recommend to connect to this output the "main antenna".

With this arrangement,in case of loss of power,or in case the control cable breaks,the circuit will automatically select the main antenna.






FEBRUARY 7,2008 UPDATE: improved relays card



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