The windom antenna is an off center fed dipole,resonating from 10 to 80 m.

It's with no doubts a good solution for the field day operations and for those who want to pack light for a vacation trip,since it's possible to operate on several bands with the same antenna.

It can also be deployed as an inverted V,if space is an issue.

The peculiar aspect of the I7SWX windom is the balun,wound on a simple ferrite rod,instead of the commonly used toroid.

The original notes by Giancarlo I7SWX,for additional details,are available for download.

I will simply add some pictures,taken during the construction of my own version.

I've been using the I7SWX windom as the only HF antenna in my shack for quite some time,and I've been able to make several DX contacts,either with my QRP homebrewed rigs and with the 100 W of my TS430S.

 download the original I7SWX project










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