The CI-V standard CI-V is the communication protocol used by ICOM,to interface their radios with a pc.

With the proper software it will be possible to control all the functions of the radio from the computer,allowing quick band changes and easy memories channels management.

On the web there are a lot of different schematics for this interface,but they all have one thing in common:

They work as level converters, between the RS-232 serial port (on the pc) and the open collector bus of the ICOM radios.

The interface I've assembled requires two NPN transistors and few more passive components.

With some "fantasy" the circuit can be easily assembled on a small scrap of pre-perf board,and then fitted in the DB9 serial connector shell.

The power to this circuit is taken from the serial port on the pc.

In order to do so,in the software that will be used with this interface,the DTR signal (pin #4) must be enabled.






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